06 Feb 2014
February 6, 2014


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So it’s February 5th, and guess what it’s doing in Canada?

You know damn well it’s snowing.

For me, there’s always been an upside to the unpredictable wind, the unrelenting snow, and the just plain “brrrr” or winter.


Sweaters might just be my favourite type of clothing, and sadly, this will probably prevent me from every living in a warmer climate.

I’ve worn this little number approximately 100 times since buying it two months ago.

There are so many different kinds of vintage sweaters to fall in love with, but here are my top 3:

1. Vintage Cowichan Style Wool CardiganDSCN8609

Nothing says warm and cozy like a cowichan. This 1960s vintage piece comes from the N.W.T. and features my favourite colour for this style, classic cream.

Also, the buttons. Also…the tag. $25.75.



2. Vintage 1950s high collared wool sweater

Let’s face it, no one does colour like vintage. Call it melon, call it coral, but I’ll call it fabulous.DSCN8597

And while a cardigan is just super,I find a sweater with no buttons to be the ultimate in versatility. The high collar and cinched waist make a lovely 1950s silhouette.




3. The Nordic SweaterDSCN8618

You’ve seen this trend multiply like bunnies over the last couple of years and retailing  everywhere from Holts to Joe Fresh.DSCN8621

But vintage does it again by adding its magic in the details with buttons and, wait for it, A HOOD. Though I wish there was a pom pom on the hood, I’ll make do.

And although I’m not sure what business Hungary has making a Nordic sweater, when it comes out looking like this, I’m down.


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