23 Jan 2013
January 23, 2013


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So “consignment” as a topic keeps coming up more and more lately, and it’s got my brain turning.

What is it that’s so exciting about the idea of bringing in your old clothes and getting money?

Oh wait. Did I just answered my own question?

Here’s the thing though, people aren’t a clear cut as that and motivations vary as to why someone wants to bring their clothes in.

Here is my summary of the folks who I’ve met so far:

  • The ones who are moved by their clothing. They absolutely adore their clothes. However, lifestyle changes or their present body shape doesn’t allow them to get worn.
  • The ones who are motivated to do right by the environment. They are absolutely dedicated to keeping everything (including clothing) out of landfills
  • The ones who are motivated by money. They want to recoup their loses on clothing they spent a lot of money on
  • The ones who have no attachment. Either they just got a lot of clothes put upon them or they know they’ve got good stuff that they could bring anywhere, but they want it to stay local.

Can you guess which ones are the least fun to deal with?

In all seriousness, I thought I’d pass along an insight I’ve been fortunate enough to experience first hand.

I don’t know how it happens, but I swear to you, it happens.

The ones who have absolutely no attachment to their clothes and simply want to move things on are the ones who actually make money here.

So, I suppose it’s like most thing: when the intention is to give something freely because you really want to, reward usually isn’t too far behind.

Now, I love a good win/win, so it doesn’t it doesn’t matter a lick to me which category you fall under. Perhaps something to consider, no?

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